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Our products are produced locally in our country and are supplied to domestic and foreign markets.

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We supply the products manufactured in our own production units without stock problems.

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We manufacture according to European standards and closely follow innovations and technological developments.

Nano Metallurgy And CASTING

Nano Metallurgy And CASTING

It was established in 2006 in Elazig Organized Industrial Zone on an area of 10,000 m2 to serve both domestic and foreign markets with its special solutions. The automotive sector, wearing parts and special castings have been identified as the target market. 70% of its market is predicted to consist of exporting.

Our Products

As usage areas; Round Sphero Casting Covers in urban areas Square Sphero Casting Covers in rural areas Manhole Covers, which appear with rectangular ductile iron cover in Normal uses, serve as the chimney of the underground. Thanks to the Sphero Casting Covers, it prevents the creatures and living habitats close to the sewer outlets from being damaged. Manhole covers are rustproof, maintenance-paint-free, lightweight and insulating. We see it used in many areas such as industrial facilities, shipyards, purification facilities. SPHERO Casting, which is subjected to a special grafting with magnesium (mg) or cerium (Ce), is strong and long-lasting against impacts. Take the sewer waterways to the discharge point properly without losing the SPHERO Casting structural feature. SPHERO Casting; It offers high performance with its wide usage possibilities, easy workability and low budget. Magnesium, which is used in the production of SPHERO Casting Caps, ensures that the caps have high mechanical values and is a sought-after material especially in terms of safety requirements. What is ductile iron? To learn about ductile iron cover models and types, and ductile iron cover prices, you can get information by contacting us by writing to us from the contact section of our site, although the features of ductile iron are included in the product details. If you want to work on manhole covers and desired models, we are as close as a phone call. ductile iron covers, ductile iron covers price, ductile iron covers weight, ductile iron covers kg, ductile iron covers set, ductile iron covers unit weight, ductile iron covers pose, ductile iron covers kg price, sphero casting covers, sphero casting covers price, sphero casting covers weight, sphero casting covers kg, sphero casting covers set, sphero casting covers unit weight, sphero casting covers pose, sphero casting covers kg price

With the changing climatic conditions, the series of rains and the rise curtain event of the rain length per meter, he recorded the must-have Rainwater grids. Ductile Iron Grates produced by our company by adhering to quality assurance; Municipalities, Factories, Hospitals, Social Living Areas, Parking Lots, Parks etc. used in the fields. Ductile Iron Grids are composite material and are resistant to heat, impact and weight. Ductile Iron Grids allow the objects to create blockage at the time of discharge of accumulated water, and only the accumulated water is transmitted through the discharge channel on the outside. Sfreo Casting is strong and long-lasting against impacts for patients who are subject to a special vaccination with magnesium (mg) or serim (Ce). Ductile Iron Grating can be produced in desired dimensions; Rectangular Ductile Iron Grating Square Ductile Iron Grating Round Ductile Iron Grating has designs. You can get brief information about ductile cast iron grating types and models and ductile cast iron grating unit prices on our website. The weight of ductile cast iron grating is given in the detailed table under each product. The weight of ductile cast iron grating in kg differs from product to product and in models. As a brief information, you can access all product features from the product details section. ductile iron grill, ductile iron grill price, , ductile iron grill weight, ductile iron grill kg, ductile iron grill set, ductile iron grill unit weight, ductile iron grill pose, ductile iron grill kg price, sphero casting grill, sphero casting grill price, sphero casting grill weight, sphero casting grill kg, sphero casting grill set, sphero casting grill unit weight, sphero casting grill pose, sphero casting grill kg price



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